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CyberGoddess Productions was founded in 1998 by Kristie Lauborough (then Garber). It originally started as the name for her own personal web endeavors but began to spread to pages she created for friends and family.

After years of designing for fun, Kristie decided to make CyberGoddess Productions a viable business. She expanded her knowledge to include more modernized skills such as php and MySQL and offered her services to the public.

:: about kristie :::

Kristie Lauborough is a 27 year-old geek girl with many years of internet experience under her belt. When she's not creating webpages, she can be found posting on internet forums and playing a variety of PC and console games.

The CyberGoddess currently lives in Marin County, California, with her blue-point Siamese (Piewacket) and her husband Jason.